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Ceremonial Forms

Classical Forms


Directions and Areas

Functional Forms




Opening and Closing


Parts of the Body




Technical Terms

The Exercise


    Nihon-Go English
    Seiza To sit down in formal manner. (left knee to floor first)
    Mokuso To close eyes, and to mediate or concentrate on the task at hand by first emptying your mind of all outside concerns.
    Mokuso Yame To open your eyes
    Shomen Ni Tashite Rei To bow to the front of the room usually representative of the respect you for the style you are practicing.
    Sensei Ni Tashite Rei To bow to your instructors
    Otagai Ni Rei To bow to each other out of mutual respect.



    Nihon-Go English
    Kamaete To guard or set in ready position as in preparation for basic exercise, used only for basics
    Naote To go back as you were, return to musabi dachi.
    Yooi To set in ready for the beginning of kata.
    Hajime To begin
    Mawatte To turn or pivot



    Nihon-Go English
    Hiki te The hand or fist to be in ready position by the side of the chest
    Hiki Ashi The leg which is raised in preparation for kicking
    Tsuki Te The striking fist
    Uke Te The blocking hand
    Keri Ashi The kicking leg
    Maai The distance between you and your opponent
    Tomeru To pull back a striking or kicking motion
    Ateru To make contact
    Kiai The vocalization of your concentrated effort.



    Nihon-Go English
    Ashi Kubi Ankle
    Ude Arm
    Se Naka Back
    Jo Soku tei Ball of Foot
    Karada Body
    Mune Chest
    Ago Chin
    Mimi Ear
    Hiji, Empi Elbow
    Me Eyes
    Kao Face
    Yubi Fingers/Toes
    Te Hand
    Ken Tsui Hammer Hand
    Kami, Ke Hair
    Atama Head
    Kakato Heel
    Koshi, Shiri Hips
    Sok-ko Instep
    Kan Setsu Joint
    Hiza Knee
    Ashi, Soku Leg
    Kuchi Mouth
    Kubi Neck
    Hana Nose
    Kata Shoulders
    Hara Stomach
    Ha Teeth
    Tsuma Saki Tips/Toes
    Koshi Waist



    Nihon-Go English
    Ue Above
    Ushiro Back
    Shita Below
    Man Naka Center
    En Circle
    Naname Diagonal
    Mae Front
    Hidari Left
    Sen/Embusen Line
    Gedan Lower
    Chudan Middle
    Migi Right
    Yoko Side
    Jodan Upper



    Nihon-Go English
    Rei Bow
    Mokuso Close Eyes
    Kamete Get Ready
    Yoi Ready
    Naotte Resume
    Seiza Sit Down
    Hajime Start
    Matte Stop
    Yamette Stop
    Magatte Turn 90 Deg.
    Mawatte Turn 180 Dig



    Nihon-Go English
    Ichi One
    Ni Two
    San Three
    Shi Four
    Go Five
    Roko Six
    Shichi Seven
    Hachi Eight
    Ku Nine
    Ju Ten

    Nihon-Go English
    Musubi Dachi Shizentai No Kamae Stand in Musabi Dachi with hands to the side
    Musubi Dachi Kogen Uke No Kamae Stand in Musani Dachi with hands protecting the groin area
    Haiko Dachi Yooi No Kamae Stand in Heiko Dachi with hands in tight fists to the side



    Nihon-Go English
    Sanchin Dachi Sanchin No Kamae Stand in Sanchin Dachi with arms in double Yoko Uke
    Shiko Dachi Sanchin No Kamae Stand in Shiko Dachi with arms in double Yoko Uke (Sanchin posture)
    Sanchin Dachi Seiken Zuki No Kamae Stand in Sanchin Dachi, extend fist into seiken zuki strike (posture of seiken zuki
    Shiko Dachi Seiken Zuki No Kamae Stand in Shiko Dachi with arm extended into seiken posture
    Sanchin Dachi Shuto UchiNo Kamae Stand in Sanchin Dachi with hand in shuto uchi position
    Sanchin Dachi Furi Uchi No Kamae Stand in Sanchin Dachi with hand in furi uchi position
    Heiko Dachi Keri No Kamae Stand in Haiko Dachi with hands in belts in preparation for kicking
    Neko Ashi Dachi Neko Ashi No Kamae Stand in Neko Ashi (Cat Stance) Dachi with arms in sparring posture



    Nihon-Go English
    Seiunchin No Kamae Stand in Shiko Dachi with both hand in Osae Uke (push down block) position
    Hari Uke No Kamae Stand in Shiko Dachi with arms positioned in the Hari Uke posture (Archer’s Block)
    Yama Uke No Kamae Stand in Neko Ashi Dachi, with both hands in Yama Uke posture (Mountain Shape Block)
    Inu No Kamae Stand in Shiko Dachi with both hands in Kakuto Uke posture (Crane Head), (Dog Posture)
    Seipai No Kamae Stand in Shiko Dachi with both hands in shuto uchi posture
    Tsuru No Kamae Stand in Neko Ashi Dachi with both hands extended to either side in Kakuto Uke (Crane Head) posture position (Dog Posture)
    Kururunfa No Kamae Stand in Uchi Hachi Dachi with both arms extended to either side with hands in Shuto Uke posture. Kata posture



    Nihon-Go English
    Onegaishimasu Please instruct us
    Domo Arigato Gozamashita Thank you for teaching us
    Mo ichi do One more time
    Gorei nashi Execute kata without command



    Nihon-Go English
    Age zuki Upward strike
    Empi uchi Elbow strike
    Furi uchi Whipping strike
    Hiato uchi Ridge hand strike
    Hiji ate Rising elbow strike
    Kakuto ate Chicken neck strike
    Mawashi uraken uchi Spinning backfist strike
    Seiken mawashi tsuki Roundhouse punch
    Seiken tsuki Reverse punch
    Shita zuki Close punch
    Shuto uchi Knife hand strike
    Sto Chop
    Teisho ate Palm heel strike
    Tettsui uchi Hammer fist strike
    Uraken uchi Backfist strike
    Tate Ken Vertical Fist
    Riken Back Fist
    Hiato uchi Ridge hand strike
    Hiji ate Rising elbow strike
    Kakuto ate Chicken neck strike


  13. KICKS

    Nihon-Go English
    Kakato geri Heel kick
    Kansetso geri Knee-joint kick
    Kogen geri Groin kick
    Mae geri Front kick
    Mawashi ushiro geri Spinning back kick
    Mikazuki geri Crescent kick
    Sokuto geri Side kick
    Ushiro geri Back kick
    Yoko geri Round kick


  14. BLOCKS

    Nihon-Go English
    Age uke Rising block
    Gedan bari Downward block
    Haraiotoshi uke Downward sweeping block
    Joge uke Double middle block
    Ju ji uke "X" block
    Kake uke Hooking block
    Kakuto uke Chicken neck block
    Mawashi uke Windmill block (circle block)
    Osae uke Pressing block
    Shuto uke Knife hand block
    Soe uke Union block
    Sto uke Chop block
    Teisho uke Palm heel block
    Tsukami uke Grasping block
    Ude uke Forearm block
    Ura uke Back hand block
    Yama uke Mountain block
    Yoko uke Side block



    Nihon-Go English
    Hachi Ji dachi Figure Eight stance
    Heiko dachi Parallel stance
    Heisoku dachi Fan shaped stance
    Kokusto dachi Back Leaning stance
    Musubi dachi Formal attention stance
    Neko ashi dachi Cat stance
    Re no ji dachi ‘Re’ (Check mark) stance
    Sanchin dachi Tension stance
    Shiko dachi Sumo stance
    Zenkutso dachi Front stance


  16. OTHER

    Nihon-Go English
    Ji Yu Kumite Free Style sparring
    Ran Geki Sparring without stance movement (toe-to-toe)
    Yaku Soku Kumite Pre-arranged sparring (one-steps)
    Zen Shin Zuki Body Shifting exercise
    Shomen Front of the room


  17. KATAS

    Nihon-Go English
    Taikyoko Jodan, Chudan, and Gedan Beginning
    Gekisai Ichi, Ni and San To attack and crush
    Sanchin Three conflicts
    Tensho Rotating Palm
    Saifa To crush into pieces and destroy
    Seiunchin To control by pulling inward
    Sanseiru 36 Hand positions
    Shisochin To defeat the four side
    Seisan 13 hand positions
    Seipai 18 hand positions
    Kururunfa To remain still, then (suddenly) to crush and destroy
    Suparrenpei (Petchurin) 108 meanings

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