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  1. Affiliations

    The Ambler Area YMCA Goju-Ryu Karate dojo is affiliated with the Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Kyokai (GKK) organization. The GKK is the largest and one of the oldest Goju organizations in America. It has been operating since 1959, and has member clubs throughout the United State as well as in Canada and Europe.

    The highest authority in the GKK is Master Motoo Yamakura. He generally manages the operation of the organization and provides direction in the art of Goju-Ryu. The majority of the organizational functions are handled through the headquarters by the director and other officers. The organization is based in Toledo, Ohio.

  2. Dojo Dun (Rules)
    1. Always practice courtesy and respect of your classmates
    2. Bow at the yellow line (or door) when leaving or entering the dojo
    3. After working with a partner… Remember: When in doubt, bow.
    4. Never lean against the wall when watching kata, sparring, etc.
    5. Keep your gi clean and in good repair
    6. Absorb the following points written by Gogen "The Cat" Yamguchi, founder of Japanese Goju Ryu:
      We who are studying Karate-Do aspire to these virtues
      • We are proud to study the spirit of Goju
      • We shall practice courtesy
      • We shall always practice patience
      • We shall be quick to size opportunity, when required
      • We shall always keep the fighting spirit of Karate


  3. Dojo Maxims (Contributed by Motoo Yamakura)
    1. All of life is sacred and I will always respect the sanctity of life.
    2. I will use karate only to defend myself and others and only use the amount of force necessary to preserve my life and that of others.
    3. The ultimate goal of karate is to achieve balance and harmony with the universe and to realize one's fullest potential to contribute to humankind through the development of mind, body and spirit.
    4. True karate practitioners will strengthen their hands to lift those who have fallen, no matter how low.
    5. As a karateka I will always strive to have an open mind and realize that toleration and diversity form the seedbed where creative intelligence and genius will thrive.
    6. As a karateka I will apply the lessons learned on the dojo floor to my daily life and always strive to treat every person I meet with decency and respect, irrespective of their views or positions in life.
    7. As a martial artist I will strive to always be aware of what is good and what is right, and to use my skills to promote peace and respect for all of humankind.
  4. GKK Application

    GKK Application (MSWord 97) gkkapp.doc


    Date __________________ Dojo _________________________________________________________

    Full Name __________________________________________ Birth Date _____________ Sex ____

    Address ___________________________________________ City _____________________________

    State/Province _______________ Postal/Zip Code __________ Phone ______-______-________

    ID # __________________________ Health _______________________________________________

    Where Employed ____________________________________ Occupation _______________________

    • Do you have any conditions which would restrict your ability to engage in vigorous physical activity?
      Yes ___ No ___.

      If yes, please describe said condition(s) in detail on the reverse side of this form and state if you are currently undergoing treatment for this condition(s).

    • Have you ever been diagnosed as having a disabling condition(s) which would restrict your ability to engage in vigorous physical activity?
      Yes ___ No ___.

      If yes, please describe said conditions, treating physician(s) and the dates of treatment, in detail on the reverse side of this form.

    • Is there any reason why you are limited in your ability to engage in vigorous physicalactivity? Yes ___ No ___. If yes, describe in detail on the reverse side of this form.

    I do hereby swear that the above statements are true and complete. I understand that according to the discretion of the instructor or the director my membership can be denied or affirmed.

    In consideration of my acceptance into membership, I agree to release, hold harmless and indemnify the organization, including but not limited to, officers, participating members and instructors, all clubs, organizations, and firms of any and all liability for bodily injuries, disease, or ill health, or the aggravation of such, decease, all claims, demands, cost, losses, and expenses, which I, my heirs, and personal representatives may have arising out of, or caused in any way by, or having any connection with my participation in school activities, training, contests, and practice, and/or the use of any and/or all facilities and materials owned, leased, or in the care or use, custody, or control of any of the above listed , including traveling to and from martial arts activities.

    If accepted, I agree to abide by the organization rules, regulations, and constitution, and to contribute to the goals of the Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Kyokai.

    In making application for membership I do so with the full knowledge that the techniques of maximum self-defense which, in part, comprise the art of Karate should be learned for use in self-improvement, competitive sport, or self-defense only. I swear unconditionally that I will never willfully harm anyone, except in defense of myself or another. If the need arises so to act, I will do so only so long as the attacker poses a real threat and will attempt to inflict no more injury than necessary to accomplish this end.


    Signed _____________________________________________ Date ___________________________

    Co-signed __________________________________________ Date ___________________________

         (if under 21 years of age)


    Instructor/Officer ____________________________________ Date ___________________________


    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - For GKK Headquarters Use Only - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


    Date Recorded ____________________ Kyokai __________________ GKK Card Patch

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